The preservation of historic homes is a core value at Eco Woodworks. We believe that the community of Thurston County and the greater Washington area benefit by preserving these structures. These homes are reminders of where we once were as a culture and community. They remind us of their history.

Also, renovating these homes allows us to follow our environmental morals here at Eco Woodworks. Historic homes are often built to a higher standard and are filled with woods (heart pine and old growth fir) that are getting more and rarer. Restoring these hard to find woods to their original beauty is sometimes challenging, but an important task. It keeps the landfills from burying these natural treasures. Whether it’s restoring a broken piece of wood furniture or bringing back an entire home from the brink, we love the challenge of great restoration.


Eco Woodworks is dedicated to working with public institutions such as the Bigelow House Preservation Association and the City of Olympia’s Heritage Commission in making sure that historic architecture and design are available for everyone to enjoy for years to come.


If you have a restoration project you need help with, don’t hesitate to connect with Eco Woodworks for a complimentary assessment via our Contact Form or our Facebook page.

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